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"Mamagocho" is the title of the story which you can now help write further.

"Mama", a universal word for mother, refers to our chef - mother to not only a beautiful daughter but also to the particularly distinctive tastes you'll discover across our restaurants.

"Gocho" is a play on words which describe the many memories, good & great, gathered since the beginning of Mama's (and her team's) journey back in 2017.

Location & Hours

Address & Contact

The Grand Del-Vista (Level 4),

1/A, Road 113, Gulshan Avenue
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Trading Hours



13:00 – 22:30

14:00 – 22:30

Who are we?

From the Lady (and Gentlemen) who brought you Yum Cha District

The experiential lessons from our first experiment, Yum Cha District, propelled us deeper into the gastronomic expanse hoping to make exciting discoveries and innovations that are worth putting on the table for you.

Nothing feeds the soul like a mother's recipe - love, warmth and nostalgia combine to provide an already amazing foundation to experiment with and build upon. It is imperative to preserve the structure of the mothers' recipes i.e. the traditional dishes and not let them succumb to destructive innovation.

At Mama, we make the bold attempt to culminate Pan-Asian dishes, that we love, to grandeur. With creativity, care, and class.

Tradition, then innovation

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